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WTF is Playgrounds?

We’re a community of builders, creators and adventurers building cool shit with crypto and web3, guided by principles of openness, curiosity and play.

We aim to build public goods for the future that create and sustain an equitable, open Metaverse for all.

We operate in squads, working separately but together, sharing knowledge and skills across teams.

The Squads - R Group - Hype Squad - Loop Club


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What We're Building


Morphs is an open-ended, evolving NFT project set in a science fantasy universe.

Mint a scroll and see what happens…

🐚 shell

shell is an experimental open product framework for NFTs.

Ship dynamic and upgradeable NFTs that any token holder can iterate on.


Be the NFT Alchemist—

The possibilities are endless in the realms of your imagination. What would you do with that power?